Company Profile
INMA Enterprises is owned and run by the Syed family and is known as the leading leather manufacturer and Exporters of premium quality leather garments, shoes and other leather products designed as per the latest trends and fashion. It is a backward integrated company which is involved in purchasing of raw skin, tanning and manufacturing of leather products.

We as a company are committed to quality, innovation and ethical business practices. Most of all, we strive to create better products through excellent design.

We are ISO 9001 company
Core Value
1. To attain wholesome success, where everyone attached to us also succeeds.

2. High level of integrity - Success should not be a mirage but it should be true success.

3. Business with human touch.

4. No entitlement attitude.

5. Domain knowledge.
To align with nature, using best technology to enhance its beauty & create value for the consumers,making them happy.
Client Base







South Africa

Production Capacity
Leather jackets : 2500-3500 pcs / month

Leather belts : 20,000 pcs / month

Leather shoes : 20,000 pairs / month
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